1D.F.A. (Diploma In First aid)10TH Pass2 Years21000/-
2D.V.M.S (Diploma In Veterinary Medical Surgery )10TH Pass3 Years31000/-
3D.T.P (Diploma In Physiotherapy)10TH Pass2 Years21000/-
4F.S.B.(Face skin Beautician)10TH Pass2 Years21000/-
5D.V.P (Diploma In Veterinary Pharmacy)10TH Pass2 Years21000/-
6D.G.O (Diploma In Gynecologist Obstetrics)For Bachelor Degree2 Years41000/-
7D. Dermatology (Diploma In Dermatology)10TH ,12th Pass(For Skin Disease)2 Years41000/-
8D.P.M.A.M (Diploma In Pharma Cologist Modern Allopathy Medicine)10TH 12TH Pass2 Years31000/-
9D.A.H.W ( Diploma In Animal Health Worker)10TH Pass2 Years21000/-
10D. Optometry ( Diploma In Optometry )10TH Pass2 Years21000/-
11D.S.H.C (Diploma In Sexologist Health Care )2 Year2 Years31000/-
12C.G.O (Certificate In Gynecologist Obsterics)1 Year1 Years31000/-
13UP Voidya10TH Pass2 Years21000/-
14Herbal Medicine10TH Pass2 Years21000/-
15D. M.L.T (Diploma In Laboratory Technology)10TH Pass2 Years26000/-
16D. Ortho (Diploma In Orthopaedics)10TH 12TH Pass2 Years41000/-
17D.A.M.S ( Diploma In Astrology Medical Science)10TH Pass2 Years21000/-
18D.N.Y.S (Diploma In Naturopathy & yoga Science10TH Pass2 Years21000/-
19D.D.S (Diploma In Dietitian Science)10TH Pass2 Years21000/-
20D.E.M.S (Diploma In Electro Homeopathy Medicine & Surgery)10TH Pass2 Years31000/-
21D.U.T (Diploma In Ultrasound Technician)10TH 12TH Pass2 Years41000/-
22D.A.P (Diploma In Ayurvedic Pharmacy)10TH Pass2 Years31000/-
23D.U.P (Diploma In Unani Pharmacy)10TH Pass2 Years31000/-
24D.H.P (Diploma In Homeopathy Pharmacy)10TH Pass2 Years31000/-
25D.H.P. (Diploma In Herbal Pharmacy)10TH Pass2 Years31000/-
26M.P.H Master Of Public Health (Allopathy)10TH 12TH Pass2 Years31000/-
27D.P.H.C (Diploma In Public Health Care)10TH Pass2 Years31000/-
28D.P.H (Diploma In Physician Health Care)10TH 12TH Pass2 Years31000/-
29D.P.H.W (Diploma In Public Health Worker)10TH Pass2 Years26000/-
30D.C.P (Diploma In Clinical Pathology)10TH Pass2 Years26000/-
31D.D (Diploma In Diabetology)12TH Pass2 Years31000/-
32D.N.D (Diploma In Nutrititian & Dietitians)10TH Pass2 Years26000/-
33C.M (Community Medicine)10TH 12TH Pass2 Years31000/-
34D.C.H ( Diploma In Community Health)10TH 12TH Pass3 Years41000/-
35D.A.M.S (Diploma In Acupuncture Medical Science)10TH 12TH Pass3 Years31000/-
36D.D.S (Diploma In Dental Surgery)10TH 12TH Pass3 Years31000/-
37D.A.M.S (Diploma In Acupressure Medical Science)10TH 12TH Pass3 Years31000/-
38D Pharma (Ayurveda) Diploma in Ayurvedic Pharmacy10TH 2 Years36000/-
39D Pharma (Unani) Diploma in Unani Pharmacy10TH 2 Years36000/-
40 D Pharma (Homeoopathy)10TH 2 Years36000/-
41ANM (Diploma in Auxiliary Nursing & Midwifery)
10TH 2 Years36000/-
42GNM (Diploma in General Nursing & Midwifery)10TH 12TH Pass3 Years46000/-
43Ayurvedia Ratna (Diploma in Ayurveda Ratna)10TH 12TH Pass3 Years51000/-
44CRMP (Allopathy) Diploma in Community Registered Medical Practitioner10TH 12TH Pass3 Years36000/-